Monday, June 2, 2014

Oso Strong 5K

Just a reminder that the Oso Strong 5K is coming up on July 27th! Don't forget to sign up and come support the Oso, Darrington and Arlington Fire Departments. I will be their with my Posh both handing out samples and cheering people on.

More about the event:

The Course

The 5K course is on a mix of the Arlington Airport Trail as well as through the various trails in the woods connected to the Airport Trail.  The terrain is mostly flat with some slight hills.  This scenic course will be used for both the Running 5K and Walking 5K.  For you runners out there, this event will be timed so you can challenge yourself to be first, set a PR, or just complete a goal of finishing a running 5K. 

Obstacle Course for Kids
Let's face it, sometimes the kiddos aren't exactly up for an entire 5K!  However, they do like to be active and have something for themselves to enjoy.  We will have an obstacle course set up for the kids to blow some energy as well as challenge themselves on a fun course full of surprises along the way.  This course will be for 3-10 year olds and for $10 will be able to go through the course as many times as they would like! 

Virtual 5K
 Are you looking for a way to help out but can't make it to the event?  The Virtual 5K is your answer!  All you have to do is select this option when registering.  You can run your 5K anywhere you would like as a way of showing your support.  We will be sure to send you your 5K packet!

Beer Garden
Okay, so it may be a bit early when you are done with the walk/run, but who isn't up for a refreshing beverage after a tough go around the course on a nice summer day?!?!  No need to explain's a BEER GARDEN!

Register HERE-

Happy Monday!


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