Friday, June 6, 2014

One of those weeks

Every day this week I have woken up and thought it was Friday. I have no idea why, but at least this morning it really is. I have a busy day today:

- workout! I did it yesterday, I am going to do it today start a new streak.
- Go to my daughters class - today is the final day of Garden Club. On Monday we harvested so today we get to eat our salads from the veggies we grew. This should be interesting to see how many kids actually eat the salad.
- Then tonight I have a Posh Party, Girls night out style. It should be a blast to go and share my products and just have fun with the ladies.

I can never remember if I wrote about this or not, I looked back a few and didn't see it.  On one of my paths that I walk I see this. written under an overpass in a really obscure place to see it.

"Just trying to make the world a little prettier. How about you?" 

It's one of those statements where someone goes, yes you are making the world better. Or they walk away cursing at those dang punks who are doing graffiti.

What do you think? Making the world prettier or it should be painted over?

Happy Friday!

- Jen


  1. Everyone has their own way of making the world a prettier place. I say let people express themselves!

  2. I think it should stay my guess is it makes more people think about what they can do to make the world prettier than thinking gee look at what some idiot did to the concrete under the over pass. Congrats on getting your workout in and yes it was one of those weeks it seemed to drag on forever.