Thursday, June 19, 2014

Infused water

I feel like I am always behind on the latest trends. I have read posts, saw pictures and skipped over a million Pinterest posts about Infused water. Or as everyone likes to claim detox water!  Because drinking a ton of water is going to detox you and make you fell amazing....well yes, some of that is true.  But I don't buy into the claims that if I drink this special combo of water and nothing else I will lose weight.

I already drink about 100oz of water a day. I like water, I like it plan, I like it flavored. I am not a fan of bubbly water or seltzer water. I like it cold, but usually drink it room temp because I leave my water bottle out. That habit drives my husband batty, and he is always putting it in the fridge when he is home. Which leads me to be like "hmmm where is my water bottle"!  Oops,  a little tangent there.

Last week when I was at the Online Shoes dinner I received a swag bag with this AWESOME cup.  It has a little area to put your fruits and veggies and make infused water. Sadly, to keep this cup I had to trade out an older water bottle (I might have an cup/water bottle problem).
Love this coffee cup as it allows me to use the largest setting on my Keurig. :)
I looked through my fridge this morning and found a cucumber and a lime - so spa water it was! It was great, because I wasn't sucking up little chunks of the fruit/veggies in the straw.  It made it so easy to enjoy the water through out the day.

Of course, I had to jump onto pinterest and start pinning all the recipes I had skipped over before.  So many great combos out there, I think I will be hitting the store today to pick up some berries and mint to add into my water.

Do you have any favorite Spa Water/Detox Water/Infused Water recipes?

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