Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Confessions

Forgive my body for I have sinned

- It has been almost two days since my last healthy meal. Thursday should just be wiped clean and forgotten about. Friday is a new day.

- I was on the go ALL day yesterday and before bed I had pop tarts and OJ. Why?

- I am craving fresh fruit, yet don't buy it.

- I want good meals, but have been preparing the quickest cheapest for my family.

- I saw some pictures of my self that were not carefully posed and wanted to eat a bag of Oreo's.

- I see rock bottom coming at me with full force, but do nothing to stop it.

Today is a new day, one meal, one step at a time.  Bring on the weekend, time to get on pinterest and look at those million and one healthy recipes I have pinned and make a grocery list.

If you have a family favorite pinned on pinterest please share it with me.  Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Pop tarts and OJ don't seem to go together;) It's hard to cook healthy meals when we are always on the run:/

  2. pop tarts and oj.. No I'm usually pop tart and fountain dr pepper which is one heck of a sugar crash later. We all have those days and a few hit us all at once but the good thing is you see it and are making steps to get back up and away from rock bottom.

  3. It all starts with baby steps :) I love tacos and fajitas for a quick and healthy dinner. Cheap, too!