Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dumbbell dead lift anyone

A couple of my DVDs have Dead Lift exercise in them and I suuuckkkk at them.

Here is what a dead lift should look like in the video I am doing:

My understanding and I will say it is not the greatest is that I should be feeling this in my glutes and hamstrings. The problem is I don't. I had this same problem several years ago when I worked with a training. They gave me a different exercise to do to work that area, but I can't remember what it was.

I went searching for a substitute and wound up on a meat head forum about body building and was sucked into the snarkiness between the posts. The next thing I new I had lost track of the time. After some more searching I couldn't really find a good alternative to work those muscles

I think for now I will just switch to squats, the moves usually involve arms as well so I think doing a squat with the arm move will work the best.

Every stumble on a forum and just get sucked in to the chatter? Do you know a substitute for the dumbbell dead lift?

- Jen


  1. If you want to work your glutes and hammies, you could do bridges or hamstring curls with a stability ball:) If you google it there will be pics.

  2. I agree I have a hard time feeling it with a dumbell deadlift too, it probably is my form. What Rachelle said is far more effective for me too.