Monday, May 5, 2014

Week in review

This is what happened last week. I also came to the realization that us much as my mind says Run, my brain has no desire to go out running.

What I accomplished last week:
Monday: 2.5 Mile Run + Burn Circuit 1 (I thought I was supposed to do this)
Tuesday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Wednesday: 2 mile run + 2 more mile walk
Thursday: Burn Circuit - 2
Friday: Burn Circuit -3
Saturday: Rest - was on my feet all day for my business!
Sunday: Rest

The plan this week is going to take my current lack of interest into consideration and focus mainly on strength. I am not going to schedule any cardio and just do what feels comfortable for me.

Monday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Tuesday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn IT off and Recharge
Friday: Rest
Saturday:Burn Circuit - 3
Sunday: Rest

I am also going doing a 7 day challenge with a friend to track everything we eat, take photos if we must so that should make for some interesting up coming post. Let's see how I can do. I used to LOVE counting calories, then got bored with it and now I am making myself do it for 7 days. You can do anything for that long right?

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!

- Jen 

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