Thursday, May 29, 2014

Truthful Thursday

Sure Truthful Tuesday sounds way better, but its Thursday and time for confession:

1. I slipped up a bit yesterday and found myself going back into old habits. I ate like crap and my body is feeling it today.

2. I have been doing the ChaLean Extreme Burn DVDs for almost two months and still have not done a Burn it off and Recharge workout. I always seem to take a rest day.

3.  I have not run in a while and I don't miss it, well maybe a little.

4. I watch to much Netflixs. I swear I have it on 90% of the day even if I am not watching it. Its just background noise.

5. I really want chocolate chip cookies.

Any thing you need to get off your chest today?

Happy Thursday!

- Jen


  1. I ate a brownie yesterday. And I loved every bite :p

  2. LOL, I too watch a lot of Netflix, I don't run as much as I should but I eat mostly fruits, veggies, nuts and chicken so maybe that is okay. Right now I am watching The X-files on Netflix...

  3. I really, really, dislike exercise and haven't done it UNLESS I really wanted to since January....part of my life feels like a weight has been lifted off and part of my body feels very jiggly and not firm any more...I guess I need to find a nice in between now....

    P.S. we had Netflix for a month for free and then extended it one more month....dislike ;0 (I know right?) We have since canceled it and are fine.