Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One week down

Today is day 9 of my cleanse. So far it is going well, I am not going to lie the cleanse day on Friday was rough. I ended up snaking a little at the end of the night. Going into Saturday I tried to go light on all my snacks because I knew I was going to have an amazing dinner.

We showed up at the restaurant that my mom is a sous chef at and was greeted like VIPs.  We ordered an appetizer and was sent two. Calamari and crab cakes - both were delish! I made sure to drink a ton of water through out the meal.

I had planned to order a Seafood Cobb Salad, but ended up ordering Scallops that were so good! My husband teased me that I was the worst food critic ever as I like EVERYTHING!  Hence, my problem with eating all things.
We ordered dessert and then 3 were brought out!! A bit overwhelming and we didn't eat them all but sampled them all.  

Dinner was AMAZING and I was afraid I would ruin my week, but yesterday morning I was down 6lbs and about 4.5 inches. I know the easy part is over. The first week of weight loss is always the biggest and now I need to keep pushing and work harder.

I am enjoying the shakes that come with the plan I either toss in some raspberries or a scoop of PB and honestly feel satisfied after I drink them. I have been drinking at least 100oz of water a day which is why even with the weight loss I feel a little bloated.  Yesterday, I found myself not drinking my shake until almost 10am, which is bad. I need to get back on a set schedule of eating so I don't forget to eat a meal.

What is your favorite meal to eat when out? Do you enjoy seafood?

Happy Wednesday!

- Jen

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  1. I simply love eating out....and I order stuff I wouldn't normally eat at spaghetti for me another words. Congrats on the weight loss and inches...AWESOME!