Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Madness

I had a very relaxing Mother's day to bring on a very crazy Monday. :)

Last week:
Monday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Tuesday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn Circuit - 3
Friday: Rest
Sunday: 2 mile walk

Last week ended good and my first official month doing the ChaLean Extreme DVDs. I really like them and instead of going to the next DVD phase, I am starting over. Why you ask? I feel like last month was a warm up. I feel like I need to focus more on doing all of the moves, using proper weight weight and form. 

This week the goal is:

Monday: 3 mile walk, it was to beautiful not to go outside
Tuesday: Burn Circuit - 1
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn Intervals  and Ab Burner
Friday: Burn Circuit - 3
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Burn it off and Recharge

Of course, I also plan to get out and enjoy the weather as much as possible.  On Sunday we spent some time at my kiddo's school reviewing how to play tether-ball.  I used to play a mean game in 5th grade.  Teaching your kids all the tips and tricks on things is the fun part of parenting.

Happy Monday!

- Jen

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