Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Sun

Yesterday, was gorgeous out! Wednesday was pretty stellar also, I can already see a tan forming. It is sad that today is not supposed to be as warm, but I will have to deal.

We decided to have a fun day on Thursday, so we sent my 1st grader to school but picked her up early to go boating! When I had to write in a reason why we were picking her up I wrote: SUN and drew a little sunshine. I hope that made whoever was having to make note of it later smile.

We headed out to the lake for our first adventure with the baby in the boat.

She was a bit confused at times, but I think she enjoyed it. When we got home I knew I had to get my workout in. I really didn't want to, I dreaded it even. After, I put the baby to sleep I came downstairs and turned on the DVD. All while, listening to Evie ask me questions about why skinny people workout? And would I be happy if I was on that DVD video? Wow those are big weights (referring to the TV). Finally, my husband stepped in and told her to leave me alone. I actually didn't mind the distraction.

I am happy to say that it is Friday and so far I have only missed one workout this week. I have 4 miles planned for today and will fit it in some how. I have missed my other two 'long' runs so I must get it in.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!

- Jen

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