Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Bye April, Hello May

Don't think I set any goals for April and that is okay, or I might have and I just can't find the post.

My goals for May are a little different and focus mostly on the mental aspect:

  • Don't track time when I run, just run just enjoy the run 
  • One pound at a time, stop looking big picture - focus on losing the next pound
  • Drink more water - try to take 5-10 gulps when I drink to get it all in 
  • More raw veggies for snacks
  • Continue to strength train 
  • Its the little details, that make up the big picture
Most of all I need to remember this advice from a friend:

You can either gain, maintain, or lose, so pick a direction. The one thing you can't do is turn back the clock and redo what you WISH you did or didn't do. 
Such a simple and great reminder! Time to make May a great month. I will take measurements today and photos and go from there.

Happy Thursday!

- Jen 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting thought....sometimes I think that is my biggest obstacle right now. It's been (which I cannot believe!!) almost 2 years now since I started my last big weight loss journey, lost the weight, and then gained it all back and some.....

    I think I am in denial, anger, depression and just trying to find excuses as to why its OK to be at the weight I am now and just be happy there....but, little by little I am seeing I am not happy. UGH!!!

    It's a constant battle Jen and we are in the same war. ;-)