Friday, May 23, 2014


1. Today is a Cleanse day, which means it is pretty close to a fast day. I know I am crazy for picking Friday as my Cleanse day, but the family almost ALWAYS wants pizza, so its a good day. Its a day I can control what I eat without starting the weekend off bad.  Here is what the plan looks like for the day.

2. Probably best to stay out of my way on Friday. See number 1!

3. Saturday we are going to see Wayne Brady at a local casino. I super excited for a night out without the kiddos. I am not even going to mention dinner without the kids sounds AMAZING.  I will be sticking with my plan and doing my shake for breakfast and lunch and then keeping my dinner reasonable. Of course, I just looked at the menu and EVERYTHING looks amazing.

4. Since today is a cleanse day, I decided I am going to skip my normal workout and just walk and maybe do a little yoga. I think it will be best the first week on this plan to take it easy on my workouts to figure out what I can handle on the diet plan.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! 


  1. You are braver than I am for trying this cleanse thing. Good luck! :)

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