Wednesday, May 14, 2014

700th Post

I was just about to start a post and I noticed that this will be my 700th post! With that I don't have any thing awesome to post! I don't have a million and one things to hand out. Wait, I do have some 20% off Friends and Family Discount codes. These can be used on ANYTHING! No brand exclusion. So lookie there I do have something to give out. If you want one email me HERE and I will send you one. I think I have 15 left to give out.

Did I mention I am on a special panel with It's awesome, I get discount coupons, free stuff all for sharing my thoughts on shoes and how they can do better. I love supporting local companies. Did you know is based in Seattle? Support local!

Want to know what makes me giggle about the statement support local? Of course you do or else you wouldn't be reading. There are so many Headquarters to cooperation's in Washington state.  So going to Starbucks - I am supporting local jobs. Purchasing Microsoft Software, supporting local and jobs. Brooks shoes - support local, fly on Boeing planes, supporting local, T-Mobile, wait I don't have T-Mobile, but you get the point.  I think I need to start saying support small business, because so many LARGE companies are located in Seattle and actually very close to where I live. Did someone say Amazon? Ha! You get it!

WOW! 700 post, who knew I had it in me to post that much. Clearly, I didn't!  Talk about a tangent of a post, but what are Wednesday post for. Maybe I should have went with a wordless Wednesday post instead.

I leave you today with this, did you know Chives bloomed a pretty purple bloom? I didn't something I learned from teaching a Garden Class to my kiddos 1st grade.

Happy Wednesday!

- Jen


  1. I had no idea that chives had such a pretty bloom! And congrats on 700!

  2. I have/had chives in my back garden....but they spread like weeds and are taking over every thing...getting kind of upset with them actually. ;-) ha!