Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally picked

I have been shopping for shoes for a few weeks, I had a discount code for and as I had mentioned in a post HERE and HERE I needed running shoes and flip flops.

Mizuno - Wave® Rider 17For running shoes I ended up with the Mizuno Wave Rider 17, they are so pretty right. I also think they are the closest out of my choices to the Wave Creations.  I figure if I absolutely hate them, OnlineShoes has  a 365-day return policy.  How many shoe places have that, it is like the Nordstrom's of shoes. If you don't have a Nordstrom's by you  they are notorious for taking ANYTHING back.  I don't plan to abuse this policy, but how many times have you bought a pair of shoes and then found out 10 runs in your didn't like them. What do you do with them, typically they become extra shoes for walking or yard work.  Well, no you don't have to worry about wasting your money. :)

Clarks - Flo Canterbury For my flip flops I picked something different then I mentioned in my post. I was so impressed with the Clarks heels I got a few weeks ago that I went with a Clarks Sandal - Flo Canterbury.   I am super excited to get these and I might have screamed a little when shortly after I placed my order I received an email that my shoes had been shipped.  AWESOME!

I plan to stock my post master and UPS man until they arrive! Our neighbor gets deliveries daily from UPS so I am going to be going crazy until they get here.

Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

- Jen

All shoes featured above are available via  I am on a panel for them and working with them to feature shoes. Thank you for supporting a local Seattle Company.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Truthful Thursday

Sure Truthful Tuesday sounds way better, but its Thursday and time for confession:

1. I slipped up a bit yesterday and found myself going back into old habits. I ate like crap and my body is feeling it today.

2. I have been doing the ChaLean Extreme Burn DVDs for almost two months and still have not done a Burn it off and Recharge workout. I always seem to take a rest day.

3.  I have not run in a while and I don't miss it, well maybe a little.

4. I watch to much Netflixs. I swear I have it on 90% of the day even if I am not watching it. Its just background noise.

5. I really want chocolate chip cookies.

Any thing you need to get off your chest today?

Happy Thursday!

- Jen

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One week down

Today is day 9 of my cleanse. So far it is going well, I am not going to lie the cleanse day on Friday was rough. I ended up snaking a little at the end of the night. Going into Saturday I tried to go light on all my snacks because I knew I was going to have an amazing dinner.

We showed up at the restaurant that my mom is a sous chef at and was greeted like VIPs.  We ordered an appetizer and was sent two. Calamari and crab cakes - both were delish! I made sure to drink a ton of water through out the meal.

I had planned to order a Seafood Cobb Salad, but ended up ordering Scallops that were so good! My husband teased me that I was the worst food critic ever as I like EVERYTHING!  Hence, my problem with eating all things.
We ordered dessert and then 3 were brought out!! A bit overwhelming and we didn't eat them all but sampled them all.  

Dinner was AMAZING and I was afraid I would ruin my week, but yesterday morning I was down 6lbs and about 4.5 inches. I know the easy part is over. The first week of weight loss is always the biggest and now I need to keep pushing and work harder.

I am enjoying the shakes that come with the plan I either toss in some raspberries or a scoop of PB and honestly feel satisfied after I drink them. I have been drinking at least 100oz of water a day which is why even with the weight loss I feel a little bloated.  Yesterday, I found myself not drinking my shake until almost 10am, which is bad. I need to get back on a set schedule of eating so I don't forget to eat a meal.

What is your favorite meal to eat when out? Do you enjoy seafood?

Happy Wednesday!

- Jen

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

I mentioned that yesterday was an important day in history for me. I know I have mentioned it before on my blog that I was in a car accident. 

18 years ago on May 26th, 1996 I was in a major car accident. A friend and I were hit by someone going over 70  miles and hour and lived. I would love to say we walked away but we didn't. We were both taken to a local hospital. She was treated there and released several days later. Her injuries were not as bad as mine. I however was airlifted to major Trauma Center in Seattle.
Once, there I had emergency exploratory surgery to determine where I was bleeding and determine my other injuries.  I was bleeding internally, my spleen had ruptured, my liver had a tear in it, my head was cut open and the worst my pelvic was broken in 6 places.  Over the course of a few days, I had several surgeries to put me back together. I was blessed that one of the top 3 orthopedic surgeons was located in Seattle and was able to come and put my pelvic back together.  I still remember my dad telling me the doctors told them "They only call me when its bad, but its not that bad."

I was fixed with external pins in my hips, which meant I was not allowed to walk. I was confined to my bed or a wheel chair for 6 weeks. I should add that this was my senior year, I was in the hospital on the day I should have been graduating from HS. It was tough.  I was released home to finish recovering. Early July, I had the external pins removed (internal pins stayed in) and I was told I could start PT to learn to walk again. Talk about a humbling experience, being 18 and having to use a walker and crutches to get around. Thankfully, I was young and I was able to recover quickly compared to other people who have a broken pelvic bone. The only restriction put on me was that if I was to have children, that I was to have C-sections.

I am thankful that even though I went through all of these I still have these two AMAZING beautiful girls!

What are you thankful for today?
Happy Tuesday!
- Jen

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Photo taken at the USS Arizona Memorial
Thank you to those who have severed in the military and the friends and family who have supported them.

This day May 26th, has a lot of significant to me, not related to Memorial day, but I will write more about that tomorrow.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Product Spotlight - Gender Bender

I was hesitant to try our Gender Bender Coal Bar. In fact I didn't start using it until this the end of April. Three months the bar sat in my kit and I looked at it, I thought about it and I kept putting it back.  I wish now I would have tried it sooner.

I cut the bar in two pieces and I keep one section in my shower and one in my bathroom. I wash my face with it at night and my body with the other when I take a shower. Since, I started using it I have seen a huge improvement in my skin (I have oily skin). It has helped to clear up most of my post pregnancy acne. I am also, prone to acne on my body from working out and since I have started using it is decreased greatly.

About the Gender Bender Bar
Charcoal DTox: Clean that doesn’t discriminate. Because truly clean doesn't discriminate, the Gender Bender invites all to wash and be cleaned and Posh. A crisp fragrance for all and made with activated charcoal powder, silt, and carbon to adsorb over 1000X their own weight in pollution and free radicals that offend while natural shea butter calms, soothes and enriches skin.
What Is It?: 
A luxurious, vegetable based charcoal loaded, DTox bath bar so big, you’ll want to put both hands around it.
What Does It Do?: 
Cleans and moisturizes skin with luxurious lather without sulfates and other drying agents.
How To Use It: 
Use in shower or bath. Lather into hands and clean yourself from head to toe. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily.
Light pine, amber, and fresh air.


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Friday, May 23, 2014


1. Today is a Cleanse day, which means it is pretty close to a fast day. I know I am crazy for picking Friday as my Cleanse day, but the family almost ALWAYS wants pizza, so its a good day. Its a day I can control what I eat without starting the weekend off bad.  Here is what the plan looks like for the day.

2. Probably best to stay out of my way on Friday. See number 1!

3. Saturday we are going to see Wayne Brady at a local casino. I super excited for a night out without the kiddos. I am not even going to mention dinner without the kids sounds AMAZING.  I will be sticking with my plan and doing my shake for breakfast and lunch and then keeping my dinner reasonable. Of course, I just looked at the menu and EVERYTHING looks amazing.

4. Since today is a cleanse day, I decided I am going to skip my normal workout and just walk and maybe do a little yoga. I think it will be best the first week on this plan to take it easy on my workouts to figure out what I can handle on the diet plan.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flipflop Season

I love flip flops and I have been constantly checking out everyone else's shoes as the weather starts to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest.

I am already walking flip flops to the bus stop rain or shine, yes I am that mom. I am in dire need of a new pair. I have taken to looking at OnlineShoes several times this past week and filling up my cart. I just can't decide what to buy.

Here are my latest picks:

Women's Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Tide II
Classic black, comfortable, cute and functional.
Women's ECCO Kawaii Sandal
Pop of color, functional, durable and I can wear with just about everything. The only problem is they don't have them in my size right now.
Love! Could wear with EVERYTHING for sure, but they kind of remind me of a Birkenstock. I know those are back in style, but I just can't go there.
Do you have a favorite flip flop? I have heard Reef flip flops are the best, sadly OnlineShoes does not carry Reef. I need a pair that will last me more then one summer, I will admit I will wear them a lot. Maybe, I need two pairs.
Happy Wednesday!
- Jen
All shoes featured above are available via  I am on a panel for them and working with them to feature shoes. Thank you for supporting a local Seattle Company.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today is the big day

The big day when I take my first step to my 30 day program. Last night, I weighed, I took measurements and the dreaded photos. I know I will like the photo's when I see the results.  I created a new page ^^^^ Isagenix 30 day to keep track of my progress and what I do each day. 

It will act like my online diary.  Dear diary, today sucked as I wanted to eat all the things, but instead at this stupid drink. Yes, I feel like that will be one of my entries.  I may have at a few extra pieces of chocolate last night, some chips and a glass of OJ. Things that I will be giving up for the next 30 days. The funny thing is, I rarely drink juice it just sounded good.

Yesterday, I also started posting flyers around town for the Oso Strong 5K in July.  I live about 45 minutes away from where this is taking place, but we are trying to get as many people there or participating virtually to raise as much money as we can for the Fire Departments.  I hope you will consider joining in if you are local or virtually if you are not.

Happy Tuesday!

- Jen

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend update

Last weeks plan looked like this, I bolded the area's that actually were completed.

Monday: 3 mile walk, it was to beautiful not to go outside
Tuesday: Burn Circuit - 1
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn Intervals  and Ab Burner

Friday: Burn Circuit - 3
Saturday: Rest (if gardening  moving plants counts as res)
Sunday: Burn it off and Recharge, actually did Burn Circuit -1

The plan for this week is:
Monday: Walk outside or Spin Bike - depends on the weather
Tuesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Wednesday: Burn Intervals  and Ab Burner
Thursday: Burn Circuit - 3
Friday: Burn it off and Recharge
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Burn Circuit -1

This week I am also going to be starting a 30 day challenge once my system arrives. I will write more about that another day, but I did a 9 day cleanse before I got pregnant with Jillian so I am excited to challenge myself to 30 days of eating healthier.  I know if you have been a reader for a while, you are thinking Jen, really. You are doing another 'diet'. Well, then answer is yes. I know that I can lose the weight with eating healthy foods and the proper diet. However, I struggle and there are times when I need a guideline or a plan like this to help me get refocused.   My goal is 30 days and really focus on finding good foods, that also taste good,  to eat in this 30 days. Foods that will work with my family and work to make me healthier. 

Happy Monday!

- Jen

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Body Scrubs

I love sugar scrubs, for years I would buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Then they stopped making it, or it was a special and I could never find it.  Then I found Posh and became obsessed with the Sugar Fix. It is an amazing non greasy sugar scrub that leaves your skin feeling amazing.
For the Spring/Summer Catalog the created two new scrubs  A Peel to Me an Daily Grind.

What scrub is right for you?

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Five

1. The Oatmeal always makes me laugh - but this comic posted yesterday is so true.

2. 22 days until summer vacation for my kiddo! We have already started a list of things to do during her 76 day summer vacation. Yes, we counted how many days she has of vacation.

3. I have a fitbit and occasionally look at my sleep patterns. This was Wednesday night.....hmmm I wonder why I am so tiered? Oh it could be that I was awakened 16x.

4. This was the weather report posted earlier this week on our local news.  Why do we get to Sat/Sun and it gets cold. I don't like the idea of going from the 80s to the 60s in two days.

5. Lastley, its Friday!  Have a Happy Friday!

- Jen

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

700th Post

I was just about to start a post and I noticed that this will be my 700th post! With that I don't have any thing awesome to post! I don't have a million and one things to hand out. Wait, I do have some 20% off Friends and Family Discount codes. These can be used on ANYTHING! No brand exclusion. So lookie there I do have something to give out. If you want one email me HERE and I will send you one. I think I have 15 left to give out.

Did I mention I am on a special panel with It's awesome, I get discount coupons, free stuff all for sharing my thoughts on shoes and how they can do better. I love supporting local companies. Did you know is based in Seattle? Support local!

Want to know what makes me giggle about the statement support local? Of course you do or else you wouldn't be reading. There are so many Headquarters to cooperation's in Washington state.  So going to Starbucks - I am supporting local jobs. Purchasing Microsoft Software, supporting local and jobs. Brooks shoes - support local, fly on Boeing planes, supporting local, T-Mobile, wait I don't have T-Mobile, but you get the point.  I think I need to start saying support small business, because so many LARGE companies are located in Seattle and actually very close to where I live. Did someone say Amazon? Ha! You get it!

WOW! 700 post, who knew I had it in me to post that much. Clearly, I didn't!  Talk about a tangent of a post, but what are Wednesday post for. Maybe I should have went with a wordless Wednesday post instead.

I leave you today with this, did you know Chives bloomed a pretty purple bloom? I didn't something I learned from teaching a Garden Class to my kiddos 1st grade.

Happy Wednesday!

- Jen

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day of the Dead

Yes, I know its May but that was the theme of my Dad's 60th Birthday. Instead of doing the way played out over the hill we embraced his age.

I was in charge of the cake. This wasn't exactly what we had talked about with the baker. The colors were off, and although I was mad about it the entire drive up to his house, in the end everyone loved it so I guess it was a hit.  For the record it was supposed to be air brushed black and the colors were supposed to be more vibrant. Oh well, next time find some where besides a local grocery store to decorate the cake.

The party was potluck style, with Oysters on the BBQ and my Dad steamed up a big bucket of clams. I am pretty sure I ate my weight in seafood, but I was pleased on Monday morning that I had not gained any weight over the weekend, so I did something right.

Happy Tuesday!

- Jen

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Madness

I had a very relaxing Mother's day to bring on a very crazy Monday. :)

Last week:
Monday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Tuesday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn Circuit - 3
Friday: Rest
Sunday: 2 mile walk

Last week ended good and my first official month doing the ChaLean Extreme DVDs. I really like them and instead of going to the next DVD phase, I am starting over. Why you ask? I feel like last month was a warm up. I feel like I need to focus more on doing all of the moves, using proper weight weight and form. 

This week the goal is:

Monday: 3 mile walk, it was to beautiful not to go outside
Tuesday: Burn Circuit - 1
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn Intervals  and Ab Burner
Friday: Burn Circuit - 3
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Burn it off and Recharge

Of course, I also plan to get out and enjoy the weather as much as possible.  On Sunday we spent some time at my kiddo's school reviewing how to play tether-ball.  I used to play a mean game in 5th grade.  Teaching your kids all the tips and tricks on things is the fun part of parenting.

Happy Monday!

- Jen

Friday, May 9, 2014

About time you showed up

I have a lot going on today! The goal is to check as much off my list and move on to the weekend. I am taking a rest day today, unless the weather clears and then I will go out for a walk with the kiddo.

I am heading to my big kiddos school to teach a gardening lesson, which is funny as I am the worst Gardner. I am thankful that all the information is provided for us. I suppose I should be reading up on what I am teaching instead of blogging, but how hard could it be they are only in 1st grade.

Yesterday, was my Dad's birthday and Saturday is his party. I am so excited for his cake. I am scared it is not going to turn out how I have it envisioned in my head, but I am trying not to worry at the same time. His birthday invites had a Day of the Dead theme, so I asked them to decorate it all Day of the Dead style. I figured it was upgraded over the hill.  Why am I so nervous about it. I might have to stop by the store early Saturday in case its not right and have them fix it. I will make sure to take a photo!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend.

Happy Friday!

- Jen

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday! He has always been there for me from my wedding to the birth of my children and I don't even want to think about the day when he won't be around.

Happy Birthday Dad, may you have many more years of happiness. You could always go for the oldest man record which last time I checked was 122 years, 164 days.  That would make me 98 when you passed  - I would be okay with that. :)
Happy Thursday!
- Jen

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Increasing my weights

Graduated up from my 8lbs weights. I have been using them the past few weeks, and I knew it was time to move up. I was being lazy as I didn't want to bring the weights up from the garage. I finally did this weekend and the past few days I did my workouts using 10lbs and 15lbs. I actually think for some of the workouts I could use 20lbs, but I only have 1 - 20lbs weight so until I get another it will be 15lbs for me.
I am really liking the ChaLean Extreme workouts. I know the new fab is the 21 day fix by Team Beachbody, but for now I think I will use what I have.   Plus my 6 year old told me she that she thinks Chalean looks like Queen Elsa, so every time I do the workout I am like "do you want to build a snowman". LOL
This little nugget decided that workout time was the perfect time to get up from her nap. She loves trying to pick up my sticker decorated weight when I am resting.

This cracked my up last night as it was floating around Facebook.  Yes, I am slow, yes I know it - but as they say I am lapping everyone sitting on the couch.

I hope you all had a great Tuesday and may Wednesday be even better.

Happy Wednesday!

- Jen

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I ate Monday

I am working with a friend to really track what we ate, one to make sure we are eating enough (for her), for me to limit my sugar intake. Yet, I still ate sugary snacks.

Here is my food for the day, minus a decaf soy latte at the end of the day when I went to Target. I need some extra calories to fill in the evening. I also drank another 16oz of water.


2 eggs, turkey sausage - couldn't wait to eat.

sugar drrrroool

after working out it was lunch time, adielle chicken meatballs, hardboiled egg, 2 cups of veggies and low fat sour cream dip I made.

kid came home, I was hungry

Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Salad, with 2.4oz of leftover steak and hardboiled egg

I don't normally eat this awesome, but maybe I can try a little harder and the weight will start to come off. One pound at a time.

Happy Tuesday!

- Jen

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week in review

This is what happened last week. I also came to the realization that us much as my mind says Run, my brain has no desire to go out running.

What I accomplished last week:
Monday: 2.5 Mile Run + Burn Circuit 1 (I thought I was supposed to do this)
Tuesday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Wednesday: 2 mile run + 2 more mile walk
Thursday: Burn Circuit - 2
Friday: Burn Circuit -3
Saturday: Rest - was on my feet all day for my business!
Sunday: Rest

The plan this week is going to take my current lack of interest into consideration and focus mainly on strength. I am not going to schedule any cardio and just do what feels comfortable for me.

Monday: Burn Circuit  - 1
Tuesday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
Wednesday: Burn Circuit - 2
Thursday: Burn IT off and Recharge
Friday: Rest
Saturday:Burn Circuit - 3
Sunday: Rest

I am also going doing a 7 day challenge with a friend to track everything we eat, take photos if we must so that should make for some interesting up coming post. Let's see how I can do. I used to LOVE counting calories, then got bored with it and now I am making myself do it for 7 days. You can do anything for that long right?

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!

- Jen 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Sun

Yesterday, was gorgeous out! Wednesday was pretty stellar also, I can already see a tan forming. It is sad that today is not supposed to be as warm, but I will have to deal.

We decided to have a fun day on Thursday, so we sent my 1st grader to school but picked her up early to go boating! When I had to write in a reason why we were picking her up I wrote: SUN and drew a little sunshine. I hope that made whoever was having to make note of it later smile.

We headed out to the lake for our first adventure with the baby in the boat.

She was a bit confused at times, but I think she enjoyed it. When we got home I knew I had to get my workout in. I really didn't want to, I dreaded it even. After, I put the baby to sleep I came downstairs and turned on the DVD. All while, listening to Evie ask me questions about why skinny people workout? And would I be happy if I was on that DVD video? Wow those are big weights (referring to the TV). Finally, my husband stepped in and told her to leave me alone. I actually didn't mind the distraction.

I am happy to say that it is Friday and so far I have only missed one workout this week. I have 4 miles planned for today and will fit it in some how. I have missed my other two 'long' runs so I must get it in.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!

- Jen

Good Bye April, Hello May

Don't think I set any goals for April and that is okay, or I might have and I just can't find the post.

My goals for May are a little different and focus mostly on the mental aspect:

  • Don't track time when I run, just run just enjoy the run 
  • One pound at a time, stop looking big picture - focus on losing the next pound
  • Drink more water - try to take 5-10 gulps when I drink to get it all in 
  • More raw veggies for snacks
  • Continue to strength train 
  • Its the little details, that make up the big picture
Most of all I need to remember this advice from a friend:

You can either gain, maintain, or lose, so pick a direction. The one thing you can't do is turn back the clock and redo what you WISH you did or didn't do. 
Such a simple and great reminder! Time to make May a great month. I will take measurements today and photos and go from there.

Happy Thursday!

- Jen