Thursday, April 17, 2014


1. I have completed both my 2 out of 3 runs so far this week with another run scheduled for Saturday. So far so good on week 1 of 10K training.  My left knee is giving me a bit of trouble, but I am trying to just take care of it and keep moving. Last time I started running my right knee gave me troubles, turned out to be the IT band, so I know the drill on how to rehab it.

2. Sleep training still sucks.  This little one has a strong will and once she falls asleep wakes up a few hours later even more hysterical, so I am not sure how well this is working.

3.  I am sad to see the rain back in Washington. Yes, I know many of you got snow the other day but I dislike the dreary weather. I have also gotten used to taking the kiddo out for a walk/run during the day. When it rains we don't go out. She is still a little young to be taking out in the rain. This means that I hit my treadmill last night, oh how I missed my treadmill. My run only called for two miles, but it felt great to get them done.


  1. Way to hit your training so far this week :)

  2. Rain can be as depressing as snow that is true.....and even though our snow/winter lasts about 5-6 months it seems WA has a year round rain chance. I don't think I could live somewhere that could receive snow year round.