Monday, April 14, 2014

Sleep Training Hell

I feel off blogging and all things fitness last week as we entered the dreaded sleep training hell. My kiddo is 8.5 months and has spent more time then I would like sleeping in my bed. While I have no issues with co-sleeping, I would just like my bed to be for me and my husband.  My sleep also suffers when she sleeps with me, I worry to much and wake up all stiff from not moving.

We had her sleeping in this thing called a rock and play, which is a pretty cool little hammock like thing. Which was great and all, until she figured out how to get out of it. It does have straps to strap them in, but I have not been able to successfully strap her in an keep her asleep. She is a mommies girl and would rather cuddle with mom then sleep in her own crib. 

I have spent my evenings trying to unsuccessfully, get her to sleep in her crib. Saturday night she finally fell asleep on her own, to wake up at midnight hysterical and refusing to go back to sleep in her room. This causes an issues because she shares a room with her sister.  I hate listening to her cry, but I also don't want her in my bed forever as my sleep suffers.

At this point, I am not sure what we are going to do - I am not sure how many more unsuccessful nights of sleep training I can take before I just go back to having her sleep with us. I fear she may never sleep in her crib, it might become the most useless baby item we have purchased.

Now I continue my life sleep deprived and have a super ambitious workout week planned to try to get me back on track.  I have merged together my 10K plan of last week and the ChaLean Extreme Burn Phase plan (I got my DVDs back from a friend last week).

Monday: Burn Circuit / 2.5 mile run
Tuesday: Burn Circuit
Wednesday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner / 2 mile run
Thursday: Burn Circuit
Friday: Burn it Off & Recharge
Saturday: 3 mile run
Sunday: Easter  / Rest

How was your weekend? Any advice on sleep training from parents out there? I feel like a rookie, my first was super easy.

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  1. I know it's hard, but letting her cry it out will work eventually. When my boys were babies, I would sit outside their door as they cried, and I cried at the same time it was so hard:( But they learned to sleep through the night and have been great sleepers ever since. Lucky for me they had separate rooms and my oldest can sleep through anything;) Good luck!