Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sight adjustment

I am not sure what I was thinking starting a new plan during spring break, new plan starts next week. This week I will attempt to complete week 1, but yesterday was a bust. The plan was 2.5 miles, I thought great. I will take the kids too this park/trail near my house. The trail is a .5 mile loop and there is a park. I told my oldest we would do two laps, then play at the park and do 3 laps.

We completed out two laps with only a little complaining, took a break to play and then received a call from my husband that he needed lunch. This is not usually a problem but he didn't have any money on him so it was up to us to get him feed. Simply, I never completed the rest of my workout. 

Sometimes life gets in the way, my goal is to work find a way to make my workouts part of my life again.

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