Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Rubby Scrubby

When I was actively running I was cursed with runners feet. Black or missing toe nails, callouses and various other ugly issues.  When I as introduced to Posh, I feel in love with the Rubby Scrubby.

What Is It?: 
Scrubbing, hard working exfoliating beads in a minty soap base.
What Does It Do?: 
Scrubs and wears away dead, dry skin aggressively on feet and toes to reveal softer, healthy skin.

How To Use It: 
Apply to soaked or very wet feet. Rub and soothe over as needed to remove dead, dry skin. Repeat as often as needed to preserve healthy skin.

Peppermint and thyme
I still use this product on a regular basis even when though my training schedule is easier. I love it. It makes my feet feel great a allows my pedicures to last a little longer.  We have an entire foot line, but the Rubby Scrubby is by far my favorite.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by me. :) I plan to share a product every Saturday in from my business. Visit to learn more about Perfectly Posh.

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