Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rookie mistake

Monday, I went out for a run and grabbed my Garmin. I figured I was only going 2.5 miles, but I might as well start using it. I went on my local path which is flat and allows me to push the stroller without any problem.

As I was making my way back to my car, I took a turn. I figured I would run up and back to add an extra half mile. I looked at my watch at the turn around point and realized that I had stopped it at some point. Doh! I turned it back on LOCKED the bezel and finished my run. I got back to my car and my mileage was off. So I decided to run back up the little out and back again. I wanted my Garmin to say 2.5 miles.  Pretty sure, I ended closer to 3 miles but know next time I will remember to lock the bezel. 

During my run, I wore this top I picked up earlier in the day from Costco. It was GREAT! I plan to go back and get more. I think they were only $9.99 and it was comfortable and cute.