Friday, April 18, 2014

Finding the time

Thursday, I got creative with my workout and nap time. I had to run errands and I knew the little one would fall asleep in the car. The problem is I have two small dogs that like to bark. If I carry her back in the house in her car seat the dogs back, and most of the time the baby wakes up.

When I got home I pulled into my normal carport space but didn't get out of the car. I sat there and thought about how I could get my workout in. I decided to pull my car into the garage, which is a challenge in itself since I have an SUV and my garage was designed for a Mini or at least the entrance was.  We have a tandem garage which means it is super long. The good part is I have a workout area in the back where my treadmill and bike are sitting in front of a TV.

I decide that I would just leave the little one asleep in the car. Run upstairs and get my workout DVD and come back and do it in the garage.  This was a total win.

Little miss was able to complete her nap and I was able to do my ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit workout. She ended up waking up just at the end so I moved her out of the car to watch and finished up.  Not ideal situation, but I am working on getting my workouts in and not making excuse why I can't get them done.

Happy Friday!

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