Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What didn't happen Wednesday

I didn't weigh in today, why because I know the number will be bad and I didn't feel like facing reality. My diet was a struggle yesterday, struggle is being nice because I didn't fight back my urges for sugar but gave in. Today, like ever day is a new day to make the right choices, to focus on the positive.

Positive - What I have done right this week:

Monday: I went for a 40 minute walk. My legs were a little sore from the St. Pats Dash. The  course, has a big hill that you go up and then back down. I wanted to keep moving but not push it, so we walked. 

Tuesday: I did 20 minutes of strength. I got up to 4.25 rounds before my timer went off and I was a sweaty mess. We then went for a 60 minute walk, I had some errands to run so figured we might as well walk them.
Static Squat/Row and Fly 12x
Chest Fly/Crunch 12x
Squat/Curl 12x
Lunge/Side Raise 12x
Today: I have accomplished nothing - the goal is C25K, another round of strength and food improvements. I have all the stuff I need to be successful, I just need to execute the plan.
And in all things random, this had me laughing this morning! Happy Wednesday.

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