Monday, March 10, 2014

Start out strong and then fade away

My week starts out strong! I find ways to get my workouts in, I eat healthy. Then Thursday comes along, and well it all goes down hill.  Friday my eating was okay, Saturday was bad and Sunday was just down right awful. I guess the good thing is I can just pick myself up and start over.

I was at Costco yesterday and I saw they were selling the Jillian Michael's DVD set - one of her mega plans and I thought I should buy this. Then I remembered I have the Chalene Extreme set, well I loaned them to a friend, so in the middle of the store I sent her an email asking for them back. I am a person who starts one thing, gets distracted and then starts another. No wonder I have issues losing weight and keeping it off. 

I don't know what I am declaring or thinking of today - I think a while lot of nothing. Just that I need to stick to something. I need to check all the boxes off my week. I really need a goal. I need a race to train for I think, I just struggle committing still.

The plan for this week: M, W, F - Run / T, TH Spin and 20 min Strength

Goal: Check all the boxes off - water, food and exercises.

Did you survive the day light savings time change?

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  1. My kids had an all night lock in party at church Friday night…couple that with the time change and we/they were puddles all weekend…finally felt like we were getting back to normal by Sunday night. whew!!