Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oso is on my mind

I grew up in Arlington. I went to school in Arlington. I still have friends and family in Arlington. Oso is our neighbor town. Many people I went to school with lived in Oso, many friends of friends are from Oso.

I heard about the slide first from Facebook. Friends who lived in Arlington were worried about their own homes being flooded, as images came out, my heart broke.  I hate to say that I have been lucky to not know any one, but I have. I keep watching and waiting for someone I know to appear on the screen. I made calls to friends to confirm they were safe, but my heart still breaks.

I have not lived their since I was 20, but my heart aches. I wish every time I turn on the news for a survivor, I hope the pain can be eased for those with missing loved ones. 


There are many ways to donate, I am not going to list them all as I want people to donate where the feel drawn to. Before you donate just make sure it is a legit set up.

Please keep these communities in your thoughts and prayers.

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