Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh Monday

I am here, I am not happy about the results on the scale, but I did attend two birthday parties yesterday. Let's hope Wednesdays shows better results.

Last week was tough. Getting into the swing of things didn't go 100% as planned, but instead of getting down on myself I am going to move forward and make some changes. Work to overcome hurdles and see what this week will bring.

The plan for this week is going is pretty similar to last week:

M, W, F - C25K
T, Th - Strength

I have this crazy hair brained idea to get up and go to spin class on Tuesday and Thursday morning. I just looked up classes and they are at 5:30am, I think I could do that. I say that now, but honestly it is all contingent on how well my little one sleeps the night before.

Have a great week! 


  1. Hope you make it to spin:) I miss doing that class!

  2. I hear ya…that thing called the scale can be an awful thing. ;-)