Monday, March 24, 2014

I love Spring

I love Spring, okay really I love summer, but the Spring we have had so far. Yes, I know it has only been a few days, but it is the perfect Spring.  Cool in the mornings, sunny and warm. Warm is relative because its spring, I feel like Olaf but I want to sing a song about Spring.

Instead of singing, because no one wants to here that I busted out the shoes I got from OnlineShoes last year.

If these green beauties don't scream spring then I am doing something wrong. The Women's Keen Mercer Ballarina CNX are no longer available in green but you can get them in blue and yellow! They are super comfy and I may even have worn them with my pajama pants out to the bus stop this morning. Yes, I am that mom who walks out in her pjs.

What are your favorite shoes to wear in the Spring?


  1. I wish I could wear flats like that….my feet just say no….I definitely always wear tennis shoes or shoes with good support or my feet just ache.

  2. Flip flops! I am in shorts and flip flops right now. Can you believe the weather? So awesome!

  3. those are cute! Still snowing here, boo. I can't wait to bust out my flip flops, so tired of snow.

  4. I have those flats in yellow and love them! Nice pick!