Friday, March 7, 2014

I love Friday

I avoided the scale on Wednesday, but did manage to get my C25K run in. I even was able to do it outside and was only rained on a little at the end.

Thursday I woke up to go to spin, but then baby girl woke up and wanted to eat and snuggle. She won and we went back to bed. I ended up getting my strength workout in during the afternoon.

Strength workout was 3 rounds:
Static Squat/Row and Fly 12x
Chest Fly/Crunch 12x
Squat/Curl 12x
Lunge/Side Raise 12x

I am using a workout band this week and plan to move to 8lbs next week. I am weak and need to slowly build back up to where I was.

Today, I plan to get my C25K workout in again. I hope I can get outside but the weather has been rainy, so crossing my fingers it will let up enough to run for 30 minutes.   Besides that I am heading to my 1st graders class to help with their garden project. Today we get to talk about worms! I am sure there will be lots of that is gross from the girls and excitement from the boys. Should be fun.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to Spring Forward on Sunday! Looking forward to longer nights.

1 comment:

  1. The Static Squat/Row and Fly is a killer. Agh! I lowered my weights for that one only, since my back had started hurting.
    And, if I had a baby at home that wanted to snuggle, I'd skip a morning workout too.