Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where did the time go?

Has it really been a month? Have been neglecting this blog as I work to get my business up and running. It is a slow start and many things have been put on the back burner.  I joined two dietbets in January and lost both.  Working out has been sporadic, just when I got on a roll I got sick. Now, we are on mid winter break from school and I am finding every excuse in the book to not workout.

I have no goals this year, I am having trouble getting motivated to make a goal. I want to blame it on the weather, but honestly we have had a pretty mild winter so far. The time for blame needs to stop. A group of friends started our own version of ebates using paypal, since last time all of the winnings were ate up by fees, we decided to just toss $25 into a paypal account and divide it by the winners in 4 weeks.

I am working to find a balance in life for my diet and make things a habit. I am trying to give up counting calories, as it works, but only if I count all foods. Instead of focusing on a number I am focusing on better choices, smaller portions and filling foods.

Working out, as I mentioned is not happening. I am making a plan though and figuring out how to execute it. Baby Jillian is almost 7 months and not sleeping through the night, but she is getting pretty regular with her wake up times. I think that I need to just stay up when she wakes at 5AM after her feeding and workout. This will help me avoid making excuses later. But 5AM is so early! Clearly, I am conflicted on what I need to do here. 

One thing, I know I need to do is be more accountable. Writing in this blog helps me with that. For now, my first goal is to right 3x a week. Let's see if I can do that.


  1. Well, there you go you have a goal. ha! When I read "having kind of a mild winter" I about cried. (We are having our 4th snow day here in MN….not 4th as in a row but overall this winter. Last night we got another 9 inches after an hour or so of rain. That makes for heavy, wet, snow and ice underneath…ugh!)

    Talk about being unmotivated to do anything! I just want to watch movies under a blanket and eat cookies all day. ha! Or take a nap…depressing…

    I keep saying soon…soon….I will rise again soon….or at least once this snow melts!!

    1. I know! We have been very luck this year compared to every where else.