Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

I finally did it, I took a picture of my scale.

I want to cry, because my toenail polish looks terrible! LMAO! I need to fix that soon. I am not proud of this number, but it is down from Feb 17th (255lbs). My goal now is not to sabotage myself. Those first few lbs always come off easy.

I can see the sun peaking out of the clouds this morning, I am going to hit our local trail up with the baby and jogging stroller. The C25K program seems to go better when I am running outside.

Last night I reread some of the passages in my book on ME diet. I know I have posted about it before, I need a reminder on how to eat properly for my body without counting calories. I am trying to give up calorie counting and making this change a lifestyle change versus a diet. I am done having kids and just getting older so any weight gain going forward will be my fault. I am working on overcoming past failures and getting on the right track.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Kudos ~ SMiLES ~ and a BIG YOU ARE AMAZING!! Just had to tell you that b/c I could never get myself to take a photo of the scale and POST IT!!

  2. Good for you for getting on that scale and snapping a picture! That takes guts, lady. Great job on the loss, too! I picked up ME from the library again yesterday and am recommitting to reading it.

  3. Good for you! Having kids and getting older sure does change our mind set about how we look at ourselves and our weight. I keep thinking its not about the number and it won't be quick but it's all about LONG-TERM HEALTH! I try and remind myself that daily when my jeans don't feel as loose as I would like. It's a long term goal. Great job, keep it up!