Monday, February 24, 2014

New week, new day

This weekend I really worked on getting better on the eating track. Then we decided to use our popcorn machine we received as a gift for Christmas. A mini one of these! It makes really good popcorn - I think I ate to much!

Oh well, however I did sit down and write a workout plan out and it looks  like this:

Monday: C25K - week 4
Tuesday: 20 minute strength
Wed: C25K
Thursday: 20 minute strength
Friday: C25K
Sat/Sun - whatever I feel like.

My venture back to running has been slow. I miss it, yet I don't. I think for now I am sticking to 5K distance and see where I go from there. 

I know it is still February, but I am setting goals for March:
- Run 3x a week
- Strength train 2x a week at least 20 minutes
- Get back to the gym for Spin Class. I have been waiting for Flu season to be over before I put the little one in the gym daycare.  4 Classes this month
- Work Pilates or Yoga into my workouts at least 1x a week. I have a great Pilates DVD that is only 35 minutes and nap time is the perfect time for it. I just need to do it. Goal 4x this month
- Weight loss 10lbs (starting from Feb 17th, when I weighed in at 255)
- Sign up and participate in a race

How was your weekend?

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  1. We have been dumped on again with the snow and cold. (Receiving 9 inches of snow on Thursday and about an inch of rain ice…before that) Lots of shoveling, slow go, and eating b/c of being depressed a bit)

    I so need a jump start and new outlook on life right now!!!