Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Recap

Last week I started following the ME plan. While the diet plan was something similar to what I had done in the past, it took a while to get readjusted to the plan. Overall, I did well, even if I fell off the sugar wagon. Friday, I foolishly thought I could share part of a Cinnabon with my daughter. This triggered my sugar craving and I all I wanted was sugar all day. This craving is the reason I need to work to minimize it in my diet.  I picked myself up from my sugar coma on Saturday and made smarter choices the rest of the weekend.

My workouts for the week looked like this:
Monday: Strength + 30 min walk
Tuesday: 30 min walk
Wednesday: Strength + 20 min walk
Thursday: 60 min walk
Friday: 30 min walk
Saturday: Strength + 30 min walk
Sunday: No specific workout

My weight ending last week was 248lbs. I lost any increase I picked up over Thanksgiving. I am not on track to be at 240lbs by the end of the year, but I keeping it as my goal because you never know what will happen.  I had said I would be taking photo's of my scale, but I never have my phone with me when I first get up. By the time I remember I have already had water and coffee so I don't take the photo. :)

The plan this weeks is to repeat last weeks workouts.

Strength workouts: 20 minutes, each exercise 12x, as many rounds as I can complete in the time allotted.  I am currently using 10lbs weights.
Squat/Row  |  Chest Press Crunch  |   Curl, Extension holding a squat  |  Squat Press

Cardio: Walking, with short run intervals. I am still working to get my IT band feeling better, so my running is limited.

Food Goals: Take one day at a time, limit sugar intake (cookies and treats). If I must have a treat I plan to delay it as along as I can to avoid getting the craving to binge on sugar. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Hai Jen, how nice to see a comment of you on my blog. Have catched up on your blog too, congrats with the beautiful Jillian, she's pretty.

    Promise to come back here on a regular base.

  2. Know the feeling of the sugar binge... I have to be real carful on that as well.... I fell off wagon friday night at my work christmas party with drinks didn't have much food but was hungry ALL day on Saturday and nothing but junk sounded good. Back on track yesterday and today tho.
    I am sure that scale will be much nicer at the end of the week with your hard work and the 240's can definatly still happen by the end of the year :)

  3. love the workouts and weekly goals! Keeps things on track...good for you :)