Thursday, December 5, 2013


1. My big kid had the day off yesterday for parent/teacher conferences. surprisingly this made it difficult to workout, as she is a chatterbox. I opted to push my workout until my husband was home to watch both kids.  I was able to get through my 20 minute strength workout and 20 minutes on the treadmill before my presence was needed. A downside of have the big kid home during the day is the little one doesn't get her normal naps. This means come 8PM, all she wants is mommy to cuddle her until she falls asleep. I am good though, as I know I got an extra 10 minutes of walking carrying he little one until she fell asleep.

2. We had pancakes and bacon for dinner last night. Well, the family had that. I had a deconstructed burger or some fancy name for a burger with no bun, add bacon and an egg instead. It was so good. My diet plan calls for 3-5 bites of carbs with dinner, so I didn't feel bad when I snuck 4 bites from my daughters plate.

3. My husband may have said that it was the best bacon ever. The words bacon nirvana may have been uttered at some point during the meal. hmmm....bacon.

Are you a bacon or sausage person with breakfast?


  1. I love bacon! We do breakfast for dinner sometimes when my husband is out of town:) Easy and yummy;)

  2. Bacon? Only on BLT's please otherwise I will pass...

  3. I prefer sausage, but love bacon on sandwiches. The Oberto store has "bacon jerky" on sale for $1/bag this week. I thought it sounded gross until Greg bought some and I found out it is just exactly bacon, but you don't have to cook it! I told him to go back and buy out the store. I *hate* cooking bacon!

    1. bacon jerky - yumm! We also like the precooked bacon at Costco. Just microwave and eat.

  4. BACON! yum! not that I don't also like sausage but given a choice bacon all the way :)