Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The workouts

Yesterday, I started my first day of the ME style workouts. Before starting I wrote out the workout options on my white board.

The goal is to pick one exercise from each group. Complete each exercise 12x and move onto the next, complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes, working towards 5 rounds. For my first workout, I picked:
Squat/Row  |  Chest Press Crunch  |   Curl to an extension holding a squat  |  Squat Press

I completed 4 rounds in my 20 minutes. Resting when needed, or when baby girl needed cheering up. I didn't want to kill my legs, as I also had PT exercise to do for my IT band.  Overall, I felt like it was a good workout. It seemed short, but as I improve and get to 5 rounds and increase my weights I am sure it will be tough.  I will do this style workout 3x a week + a 30 minute walk,  am 30 minute Metabolic Rest-Based Intervals ran/walk 2x and 30-60 minute walk on the weekends. Walking can be replaced with running, when I am ready to run again.  I find their Facebook page to be very helpful for answering questions and reading about other peoples success and issues with the plan.

Day 2 eating went well. I did find a bit of a loop whole in the plan and realized I may be pretty happy following this plan. Like I mentioned yesterday, I am supposed to eat 3-5 bites of carbs with my meal. This does not included carbs from fruits and vegetables, so last night when my family had pizza. I had a salad and a small piece of pizza that was about 5 bites.  Either way, it made me happy to find ways to not eat completely different meals from my family.

I am optimistic, yes its only day 3 - but I have faith I this will help me make the lifestyle change I need.


  1. 20 minutes isn't too bad, right? I remind myself I can do anything for 20 minutes. I use the timer on my iPhone, and once it starts, there's a sense of relief that it will all be done shortly.

    Good for you on the weights! They seemed intimidating to me at first. I wonder how sore you'll be tomorrow, haha!

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  3. Don't make the same "mistake" I did - I think it says to stick to the same four exercises for at least twelve workouts? Double-check, anyway...

    1. Each workout 6x in a 2 week period befor going on to the next 4