Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday 5

Happy Friday the 13th!

1. I started several post this week about various topics around elf on a shelf, Giselle #multitasking and Lululemon, but none of them were published or completed. The reason is at the end of the day does it really matter what someone else does? Nope, my goal is me, my focus is me. As long as I am doing the best I can for me that is all that matters.

2. I love how I posted a weekly recap this week and then went silent. That wasn't because I wasn't working out, I was just distracted by life.  I have worked out every day this week, not exactly the type of workouts I have wanted, but I made sure to get my weights in along with my walking. I need to start upping the intensity but motivation is lacking.

3. Food I am going to give myself a C for food score this week. I am doing great in some areas. Like eating a healthy breakfast and lunch. I have those down, but I am slipping in other area's like snacks and sometimes dinner.

4. I love Christmas cards, but I hate mailing them. I went and picked up stamps today to mail my 50 Christmas cards and the cost of stamps was more then I paid for my cards. Think I can just email everyone the .jpeg file next year.

5. We booked a surprise trip last night! I am not sharing yet as we are still working out all of the details, but lets just say my kiddos, okay only the oldest is going to flip.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. You sound so much like me….

    1. Started posts and then life got away from me.
    2. Definitely a "C" in the food category (and a "C" in exercise….why are the holidays just so dang hard to keep it together?)
    3. All that really matters is doing the BEST FOR OURSELVES ~ when I am feeling better ~ family, job, stress, happiness over all is better too ~ doesn't matter that every one else is eating healthier than ME and exercising a WHOLE lot MORE than ME! ;-)

  2. I stopped sending real Christmas cards last years. I used to send a lot and didn't receive many. It's a pity though. I still sent real birthday cards but no Christmas cards. Saves me a lot of time in 1 weekend a year too.