Friday, November 29, 2013

I might have lied

I enjoyed Thanksgiving more then I wanted to, but it's only one day right?

The highlight of the food was, I tried Pecan Pie for the first time. Seriously, delicious. Why did I wait 35 years to try it? That with a small slice of pumpkin pie and a few sugar cookies might not have been a good idea. I never felt like I ate to much, but I felt blah last night before bed. Of course one of the main reasons is my lack of water. I instead enjoyed diet coke with lime.....yumm, but not very hydrating. I post this as most are gearing up or already black Friday shopping. Nothing, peaked my interest enough to get me out of bed earlier then my nursing infant does.

No scale picture today, I am taking a by week. Professional sport teams get by weeks so I am assigning myself one. I did log my food the best I could and My Fitness Pal said if I ate like Thanksgiving day,  everyday, I would gain weight in the next 5 weeks. Sadly, it wouldn't take me 5 weeks to gain weight if I keep eating like I did yesterday.

Today, we have dinner number two. Although it will be lighter with Turkey noodle soup, my goal is to go light on the sweets. In a sugar induced craze I declared starting December 1, no sugar until Christmas. Followed quickly by except creamer for my coffee and Clif bars. I can't live without coffee and have 5 Clif bars I just bought, but after they are gone no more. I wonder how long I will last, want to make a bet on over/under for when I will crack?

How was Thanksgiving? Do you black Friday shop?

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