Friday, November 29, 2013

I might have lied

I enjoyed Thanksgiving more then I wanted to, but it's only one day right?

The highlight of the food was, I tried Pecan Pie for the first time. Seriously, delicious. Why did I wait 35 years to try it? That with a small slice of pumpkin pie and a few sugar cookies might not have been a good idea. I never felt like I ate to much, but I felt blah last night before bed. Of course one of the main reasons is my lack of water. I instead enjoyed diet coke with lime.....yumm, but not very hydrating. I post this as most are gearing up or already black Friday shopping. Nothing, peaked my interest enough to get me out of bed earlier then my nursing infant does.

No scale picture today, I am taking a by week. Professional sport teams get by weeks so I am assigning myself one. I did log my food the best I could and My Fitness Pal said if I ate like Thanksgiving day,  everyday, I would gain weight in the next 5 weeks. Sadly, it wouldn't take me 5 weeks to gain weight if I keep eating like I did yesterday.

Today, we have dinner number two. Although it will be lighter with Turkey noodle soup, my goal is to go light on the sweets. In a sugar induced craze I declared starting December 1, no sugar until Christmas. Followed quickly by except creamer for my coffee and Clif bars. I can't live without coffee and have 5 Clif bars I just bought, but after they are gone no more. I wonder how long I will last, want to make a bet on over/under for when I will crack?

How was Thanksgiving? Do you black Friday shop?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Not the way I wanted to start my day. There are days when you just can't seem to get on top of things. I woke up this morning in pain, just overall pain. My back hurts, my legs ache for some reason and I just want to sit around and eat comfort food.

I have for the most part avoid the comfort food and remember what I read yesterday. I picked up the book that was suggested to me from Kim, that was recommend to her from Kerrie and power read it. Meaning I read most of the stuffed that pertained to me.  After reading a ton of 'diet' and 'fitness' book it is easy to get to the stuff that will help you.

The Metabolic Effect diet, in simple terms helps you determine what type of 'burner' you are. They have three plans to choose from based on survey results.  Without spoiling the fun of the survey that helps you determine this, I quickly learned I am a sugar burner. Overall, they suggested a diet full of lean proteins, veggies, some fruits and minimal carbs.  All of which I know, I know that my body is at its best when I can keep my carbs under control. I plan to implement some of the techniques I read on diet and exercise starting the December 1st and will write more about the work outs then. But to get through Thanksgiving without binge eating I am going to try to eat only 5 bites of carbs at each meal. Of course, the means rolls or stuffing? That is the real questions. Potatoes are already out as I know they will be made with lots of dairy and I am trying to be dairy free for the little one.  I can eat a roll, although I am sure it has minimal diary, but stuffing oh so good.

What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving? Do you limit yourself or go all out?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goal setting

First I did weigh in on Friday, but I didn't take a photo as I was in a hurry and already running late to physical therapy. My weight is currently 248lbs, 1lb away from where I started my pregnancy and 48lbs from my lowest weight. This is leading me to set some goals  and ignore the oatmeal cookies I baked yesterday. Even if oatmeal is good for nursing mothers.

If you search for how to set goals you will find  lots of options, but this cute little graphic is pretty basic and straight to the point.

The main thing people focus on is making the goal attainable so that you don't get discouraged. Weight loss, unfortunately is not like the Biggest Loser show where you knock out 10lbs in one week.  After your goals are set you get to work following another set of pretty basic steps. Which pretty much illustrates a good weight loss strategy.

Where does that leave me, it leaves me with goal setting which I think I have for weight loss.

Specific: Lose 90lbs - 51 to go, 39 down
Measurable: Weight in pounds, and how I look in photos. pre photos have been taken
Attainable: I will break the big goal into smaller goals
Relevant: Weight loss will not only help me with my running, but will make me a better and healthier mom and wife. It will help to set good examples for my girls.
Time-Bound: Goal date, Aug 2. That is my kiddos birthday. 9 months to gain, 1 year to take it off. :)

Goal has been set - CHECK

Next step is to make a plan. My plan is to lower my carb intake, eat less packaged foods and get back to running.

Get to work: well, that is easy. The next step stick to it is the tough.  How do I plan to stick with it. Step one is to get back to daily blogging. It might be boring,  but its my way to help keep me accountable. This blog was started as my journal to run a half marathon, now it will be here to help me lose the weight.

There you have it. Weight loss goals have been set - first mini goal is lose 8lbs by the end of 2013. My goal is to go into 2014 at 240lbs or less.  Next up, figure out my fitness goals for 2014. I have not signed up for any races, I have not figured out what I want to do yet. Do I do more halfs, do I work on getting faster? The year of the 5K does sound appealing less time commitment and more time to spend with my family.

Have you set goals for 2014 yet?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am alive

What's going on with me lately:

- I am still here hanging with my little one and big one. Who are both cute as ever.

- Hurt my knee and my DR said it was the meniscus, I chose to go to physical therapy where the PT says IT band. I am currently not running, but I am riding my spin bike while I work with PT.

- I attended the Mustache Dash on Saturday with my Dad, Michele and my oldest daughter. We had a great time however this photo made me tell Julie I would take photos of my scale.

- That's right starting on Friday - I will take pictures of my scale to help motivate and remind me of the journey I am on. Why did I agree to this again? I think because I need to have more accountability. I need to figure out the balance between nursing and losing weight. I am not just trying to lose the last 10lbs, I have plenty to spare.

- I still have not set my goals for the rest of this year or 2014, I suck. See I need some motivation and accountability.

For now, I need to get my big kid out the door for school. Happy Wednesday.