Monday, October 14, 2013

When things don't work out

I hate it when things don't work out as planned. I had this big comeback plan and well I failed.  I am trying to cut myself some slack, but it is really difficult.  Instead of wallowing I am making a new plan. 

Today I start the couch to 5K program, yup I said it. Going back to basics. I have a 5K next month and I can see how I am doing then. Of course, this means the half I have planned in December is probably not going to happen. I just don't see myself being ready for that. I am disappointed in myself, but I know that I can get back to where I was. Time to start making plans for 2014.

I can't be sad that my comeback is not how I planned right? I mean look at this adorable face.

Miss Jillian is two months, well a little over now. She had her check up and is growing great weigh in at 11lbs 2oz, up 3lbs from birth. She is a pretty happy baby, but has her moments like everyone.  We recently switched her to her crib and her sleeping has suffered a little but she is slowly getting back to her two long night time stretches. Hopefully soon, it will return to normal.

Have you started 2014 planning yet?


  1. thanks for the update....and I too am going back to steps to try and run again with October 2014 as a goal for a half marathon. (crossing my fingers of course!)

  2. Aw, I love that face! What a beauty!

    You'll get back on it. Having a new baby is challenging - you have to create a whole new normal for your family! Just keep at it, keep making yourself a priority, as well. Kiss those babies of yours for me!

  3. Basics are a great place to start. Jillian is a precious little girl!