Monday, September 9, 2013

Avoiding the bathroom

A while back, okay maybe less then two weeks ago. I don't know time kind of stops when you have an infant. I am constantly looking at a calendar to figure out what day of the week it is. So....I was reading a blog post from Life on the Pavement and she mentioned an quick workout that is really effective.

I figured, since right now I am navigating 1st grade drop off/pick up, family stuff and my little newborn this was my type of workout. Remember how I said I was out of shape, lets just say by day 4 I was limiting water a little to avoid going to the bathroom my legs were killing me. What is the tortures workout you may ask? It is hosted by Bikini Body Mommy on Facebook.  She has a blog and a book, but honestly I am just interested in the quick free workouts that kick my butt.  They are explained in simple easy to read formats, I need this with my lack of sleep, so I don't even have to think about what to do.

Here is a look at day 4  from Facebook:

This was the first day I didn't complete all of the rounds or all of the exercise. My legs were dead, my arms were hurting. 2 rounds in, skipping the burpees and squat jumps I called it quits for the day. Seriously, pain in my thighs. It just goes to show that I have a long way to go.
I am really liking these workouts, even if I know I will never be a Bikini Body Mommy, nor do I want to be, but I would love to shrink the pregnancy belly and get stronger overall. I feel like they will be a nice compliment when to running.  I was never so happy to see the Day 6 - was just cardio and Day 7 was a day of rest.  I have not looked at today's workout Day 8 - but I will push through. 
In other news, I was not able to make it to my doctors appointment on Friday to get cleared. A little thing called a dead car battery got in the way. I am moving forward though and I am going to start running again this week, to build up my base slowly.
How was everyone's weekend?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Closing in on 5 weeks

Tomorrow I head to the Doctor tomorrow for my 5 week check up, I guess they decided it was easier the doing a 6 week which is pretty normal time frame after having a baby.  I have no doubt that they will clear me to resume normal activity.....well because I have started already.  I also have healed great for having a C-section. I was out of the hospital in 48 hours, I had no issues with then incision and overall I am feeling great.

While, I did do some running last week I kept it slow and did run/walk intervals. My fitness level is at zero, so I need to build back up. Yesterday, was the first day I was home alone during the day with the baby. My oldest one started 1st grade and my husband went back to work from paternity leave and Jillian and I sat around taking selfies.

Yes, I have already trained her on the art of looking at the camera or it was a lucky shot. After getting our fill of self portraits I decided that I need to get off my booty and get my workout in. I can only use the 'I just had a baby excuse for so long'.  Until she gets her first set of immunizations we will be doing workouts at home instead of the gym. Keep her away from the cooties as long as possible. Plus, I think they have an age limit to go to the gym daycare. I should figure out what that is.
My gym in-home gym daycare is named BOB. We have a Pack and Play but I didn't want to bother setting it up so I just laid the BOB flat for sleeping and stuck her in. The good part is I could move her back and forth while on the bike if needed.

A close up of my sleeping beauty who let me get in my entire workout with only a little fussing and stopping once for a diaper change.

Getting used to being a stay at home mom for the next few months is going to be interesting. I took an extended leave from work and don't plan to start working again until January. Hopefully, during that time I will get back on track workout wise and get lots of extra snuggles in the process.

I will give myself bonus points if I actually start blogging more regularly.