Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She has arrived

Baby girl arrived Friday August 2nd at 11:35am. After little sleep the night before my husband and I got up and headed to the hospital at 6:30am. We were set to check in at 7AM with a scheduled c-section at 9AM.

9AM came and went and we learned that we were bumped for an emergency. It happens - and we waited longer. Finally at 11AM they took us back. It was a different experience from 6 years ago - but exciting at the same time.

Jillian Grace entered this world at 11:35am weighing 8lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long. She sounded like a duck when she first cried and quickly settled down after they cleaned and warmed her up.

Since I had no health issues this time around, we were discharged after 48 hours. Jillian is a doll and big sister Evie is beyond excited to get to know her. 

I plan to start blogging a little more as I start to execute my comeback plan. First things first is to heal from the C-section and snuggle little baby girl as much as possible.


  1. She's beautiful! Hope you heal quickly.

  2. Congrats! She is lovely. I hope you heal quickly and you are back to "normal" life soon :-)

  3. So sweet! Contests!!!!!! Love her name, too.

    1. Oh geez, thanks kindle. That should say CONGRATS.

  4. She's beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. congrats! absolutely precious and beautiful!!!!

  6. Yay yay YAY!!!
    This is so exciting! I had so much fun following along with your photos and counting down to the big day. Congratulations!!!!