Thursday, August 29, 2013

Run with the Fishes

Looking for a flat and fast 5K this fall, you should come run with me. I won't be anywhere near fast but I can walk to the starting line from my house. The Issaquah 5K was one of my first runs and a yearly tradition for me since 2008. 

If you know the area here is the course map - its the same 5K as the years before. Sadly, this year the 10K has been removed. Something, about the Salmon Day's festival having issues with the course, at least that is what is mentioned on their Facebook page.

If you sign up before September 1st - the race fee's is $25. Then it goes up to $35 - and is hosted by the local rotary club.

Race day: October 6th  | To sign up visit

Note - I am not being provided anything for sharing this race.  I just like the local race and thought I would share.


  1. Ooo, I may have to sign up. I'll be moving over there next month anyways. :)

    1. And the course apparently goes right past my soon-to-be front door.

  2. how fun! sounds like one of those local races that you look forward to each year :)