Monday, August 12, 2013

One Week Surgery Recover Workout

10 days after surgery is a frustrating time. I am feeling good, but I know that I shouldn't push it since I did have major surgery just 10 days ago.  A couple of weeks before kiddo #2 was born a friend loaned me a book on C-section recovery.

Strategies for the C-Section Mom: A complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guide - after reading it started to mentally prepare myself. With kiddo #1 I lost all of the weight within a couple of weeks, but then I started to gain more weight back. This time around I would like to avoid the weight gain back and continue to lose weight while working towards my big goal. 

The difficult part is this time I am breastfeeding and I don't want my supply to tank in the effort to lose weight. My goal will be to find a happy medium.  I have signed back into my My Fitness Pal account and have started tracking what I am eating to make myself more aware of my intake and start to make better choices.

I weighed in yesterday and I am already down 20lbs with 20 more to go to get where I was pre-pregnancy. I am not going to start counting my weight loss this time around until after I go to my 6 week check up and get cleared to work out completely. Until then my goal is to follow the advice in the book mentioned above and add walking back into my daily routine, when my body is ready.

One Week Surgery Recover Workout

Stretches: I am completing the following stretches at least 1x per day
- Toe Raises
- Calf Stretches
- Upper back stretch
- Chest Stretch
- Shoulder Stretch
- Hamstring Stretch
- Hip Flexor Stretch
- Lower Back Stretch
- Thigh Stretch
- Triceps Stretch
- Hip Stretch
- Oblique Stretch

Cardio: the plan calls for walking for 3-5 minutes at the top of every hour. I am not following this exactly as I am probably up and moving more then I should be anyways.

Core: Pelvic Tilts, Abdominal compression, Kegals, One-foot balancing

Everything is moving in the right direction, although the first few days I skipped a few of the stretches as it was uncomfortable.

Overall recovery has been good. I feel like I bounced back a lot better this time around, but my delivery was different since I wasn't dealing with pre-e this time. I can't wait until I am able to get out more. I know my 6 year old is getting a little stir crazy and is wanting to go for walks and do various activities that I am just not ready for yet.


  1. Hope the 6 weeks goes by quickly for you:) Congrats!

  2. This time will fly by and soon you will be back to running! Congrats on the little one :)

  3. Congrats! You'll be running soon. In the mean time, enjoy that little one and rest. :-)