Thursday, August 29, 2013

Run with the Fishes

Looking for a flat and fast 5K this fall, you should come run with me. I won't be anywhere near fast but I can walk to the starting line from my house. The Issaquah 5K was one of my first runs and a yearly tradition for me since 2008. 

If you know the area here is the course map - its the same 5K as the years before. Sadly, this year the 10K has been removed. Something, about the Salmon Day's festival having issues with the course, at least that is what is mentioned on their Facebook page.

If you sign up before September 1st - the race fee's is $25. Then it goes up to $35 - and is hosted by the local rotary club.

Race day: October 6th  | To sign up visit

Note - I am not being provided anything for sharing this race.  I just like the local race and thought I would share.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One day at at time

25 days post partum and my weight loss has stalled. I have 10lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am trying not to stress about as I know the old saying 9 months to gain, 9 months to lose. :)

Before I go future, lets sprinkle some cuteness into this post of Birdie. Jillian has already obtained the nickname of Birdie as when she gets hungry her little lips look like a birds mouth.  She is a good baby, even if she tried to stay awake last night after eating at 1AM. Even though she is cute baby smiles just don't have the same impact when mommy is tired.

She likes to eat every 2-3 hours, her night time schedule is a little more stretched out which I am thankful for. Bedtime (feeding) is at 9PM, she then sleeps until 1AM. On  a good night, she will eat and go right back to sleep and sleep until 4AM. She then wakes between 7-8AM to eat one more and back to sleep until about 9:30AM when she is up. Did I mention how thankful I am for the night time schedule, as during the day her eating and sleeping is really random. Sometimes, she sleeps and hour other times not at all between feedings.
After, I posted last week my back decided it was going to go out on me.  I took a few days off from walk and started back up on Sunday, walking 25 minutes. Yesterday, we went for a family walk and I logged at least 30  minutes. I didn't track the distance, but enjoyed the walk outside while Evie practiced riding her bike. We took a break at the park to nurse Birdie and while Evie played and then walked back to our car. 
The goal this week is to focus on food. It was my husbands birthday last week and I may have eaten a little to much, hence the reason the scale is not moving.  11 days until my post op check up and I hope to be cleared to start running.
We are in our last week of summer vacation in Washington, then the kids head back to school and my husband heads back to work (paternity leave is over). I look forward to getting into a routine as the fall weather approaches. 

Are kids already back to school where you live? I feel like Washington state is the last to go back to school.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 2 post baby

I am late getting this up as you can imagine being a new mom again takes up your time. I have sat down to post about my progress several times and each time either got distracted by other things or by the baby.  Hopefully, this photo will make you forget about the time between post.

Baby Jillian is a great baby, at her two week appointment on Friday she was back to her birth weight and doing awesome.  What that means for mommy, I don't have to wake to feed her at night, I can let her sleep and feed on demand. This has given me a little more sleep as I am less stressed about making sure she is eating, but babies well they have their own time tables. She wakes every 3-4 hours to eat, but thankfully at night goes back to sleep.

Overall things are going well. I am healing up well and I have probably way more active in general then my doctor would like me to be. I keep getting strange looks from people when I am out and about with the baby and I tell them she is 2.5 weeks old. 

Weight wise, I am down 28lbs with 12 more to before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have continued with the stretches I wrote about it my last post and have add in a few walks. I started with 10 minutes and have worked myself up to 20 minutes on the treadmill.  It is a lot harder then I remember, but I suppose not being about to workout so much during my pregnancy didn't help out much. I am trying to get in 1 mile a day, its not much and I am usually sweating afterwards but its a start.  I also included an arm workout in yesterdays workout, and hope to continue that while I heal.

Besides that things are going well, I am antsy to run but I keep reminding myself to just walk and take it easy. There will be plenty of time to run in the future.

As a family we are gearing up for back to school. Kiddo #1 is going to be in first grade and for the first time riding the school bus. Nerves are running high all around.

How is the summer treating you and your family?

Monday, August 12, 2013

One Week Surgery Recover Workout

10 days after surgery is a frustrating time. I am feeling good, but I know that I shouldn't push it since I did have major surgery just 10 days ago.  A couple of weeks before kiddo #2 was born a friend loaned me a book on C-section recovery.

Strategies for the C-Section Mom: A complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guide - after reading it started to mentally prepare myself. With kiddo #1 I lost all of the weight within a couple of weeks, but then I started to gain more weight back. This time around I would like to avoid the weight gain back and continue to lose weight while working towards my big goal. 

The difficult part is this time I am breastfeeding and I don't want my supply to tank in the effort to lose weight. My goal will be to find a happy medium.  I have signed back into my My Fitness Pal account and have started tracking what I am eating to make myself more aware of my intake and start to make better choices.

I weighed in yesterday and I am already down 20lbs with 20 more to go to get where I was pre-pregnancy. I am not going to start counting my weight loss this time around until after I go to my 6 week check up and get cleared to work out completely. Until then my goal is to follow the advice in the book mentioned above and add walking back into my daily routine, when my body is ready.

One Week Surgery Recover Workout

Stretches: I am completing the following stretches at least 1x per day
- Toe Raises
- Calf Stretches
- Upper back stretch
- Chest Stretch
- Shoulder Stretch
- Hamstring Stretch
- Hip Flexor Stretch
- Lower Back Stretch
- Thigh Stretch
- Triceps Stretch
- Hip Stretch
- Oblique Stretch

Cardio: the plan calls for walking for 3-5 minutes at the top of every hour. I am not following this exactly as I am probably up and moving more then I should be anyways.

Core: Pelvic Tilts, Abdominal compression, Kegals, One-foot balancing

Everything is moving in the right direction, although the first few days I skipped a few of the stretches as it was uncomfortable.

Overall recovery has been good. I feel like I bounced back a lot better this time around, but my delivery was different since I wasn't dealing with pre-e this time. I can't wait until I am able to get out more. I know my 6 year old is getting a little stir crazy and is wanting to go for walks and do various activities that I am just not ready for yet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She has arrived

Baby girl arrived Friday August 2nd at 11:35am. After little sleep the night before my husband and I got up and headed to the hospital at 6:30am. We were set to check in at 7AM with a scheduled c-section at 9AM.

9AM came and went and we learned that we were bumped for an emergency. It happens - and we waited longer. Finally at 11AM they took us back. It was a different experience from 6 years ago - but exciting at the same time.

Jillian Grace entered this world at 11:35am weighing 8lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long. She sounded like a duck when she first cried and quickly settled down after they cleaned and warmed her up.

Since I had no health issues this time around, we were discharged after 48 hours. Jillian is a doll and big sister Evie is beyond excited to get to know her. 

I plan to start blogging a little more as I start to execute my comeback plan. First things first is to heal from the C-section and snuggle little baby girl as much as possible.