Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fall Schedule

Sounds crazy to already be thinking about the fall schedule, but since I am not running this summer I am in planning mode.  Wait, since I am pregnant I am in nesting mode. Which pretty much means I need to get everything, in life, in order.

I have already signed up for two events this fall, I have also learned one of my favorite events has changed.  For the past two years I have participated in the Iron Girl Seattle, which had been a 5K/10K event in early September. I figured I would sign up and walk the event being so close to the babe's due date. However, I learned that they are no longer doing the 5K/10K event but instead a Triathlon. This year, there is no way I can participate in a Tri, so maybe I will get to see you next year Iron Girl.

The first event I signed for was The Biggest Loser Seattle 5K.  Stacie over at Impossible is Nothing set up a team and when I joined the team I saved $5 off the registration price. If you would like to join the team please do so, just search for team 'Impossible is Nothing' when you register.

Yesterday, I also registered for the Seattle Half Marathon.  I have wanted to make this my come back half since finding out I was pregnant. I had not registered as I was waiting for Zozi to have a deal. They finally did. It isn't as good as last year, but I have a credit at Zozi and it ended up only costing me $21. If you want to use the Zozi deal ($75 for the half), I would suggest using my referral credit and saving an additional $10 off the cost. To do that you will need to set up a new account w/ new credit card if you are already a Zozi member. Then order through my referral link

Those are my events for the fall, I am considering a 10K in October but nothing is jumping out at me just yet.

How far ahead to plan for races?

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  1. Impressed you signed up for the half ....way to go! I have been so sore in my muscles/legs and hips lately that there is no way I am signing up for anything.

    (I may sign up for an MRI though...does that count?) ;-)