Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am a runner

I might not be fast.

I might not ever get a sub 2 half.

But I am a runner.

I am filled with fear (I blame pregnancy hormones).

My heart breaks for everyone who experienced Boston this year.

I compare Boston to the Olympics for non elite runners.

I am sad by the death and injury count.

Not going to lie, I am glad I have no race scheduled anytime soon.

Yet, through all of these fears - I still can't wait for my come back to the racing community post baby.

The love and the support I felt through Facebook and various groups yesterday was amazing.

Today I wear a race shirt in honor of Boston.


  1. Me too (minus the pregnancy hormones). What a horrible tragedy.

  2. It's such a heartbreaking event and I can't imagine any runner that isn't emotional about it.

  3. ahhhh...I know, crazy stuff!