Friday, March 8, 2013

Slight shoe addiction

I have a slight shoe addiction, yes I am sure most women do, but I like a certain style.  I am lucky enough that I work in a pretty relaxed work enviorment and I wear all of these shoes to work on a regular basis. Does 8 pairs, does that really qualify as an additction?

  • Timberlands - Red,  I have had these for years
  • Gray/Pink Merrell - love these
  • Toms - I am late to joining the bandwagon but these are great shoes
  • Cream Puma  - I just got these for Christmas, but if you look at the 2nd row I have them in black already.
  • Black on the end - These are Champion cheapies from Payless
  • Black Puma - I went to buy Toms and walked out with these. Love them
  • Brown Nike's - these are great, another shoe I have had for several years
  • Green Keens - my first pair of Keens and love'n the color for spring, review on these to come soon
I have mentioned before that if I am not running I don't like to wear tennis shoes. I find that most of these shoes are great for days when you are going to be on your feet all day without the need for a full tennis shoes. I also love this style of shoe because I hate wearing socks.
Do you have a favorite type of shoe? Tell me about your shoe addiction.


  1. Love the shoe collection, I only really have excessive flip flops and running shoes. Clearly I need more shoes!

  2. I need to find a comfy but cute shoe to wear when not in my running shoes/uncomfortable shoes. Which ones are your faves? I used to hate the look of Toms, but now I am starting to love them:) Are they comfy?

  3. I want to find comfy slip ons that still give good support. I am doing away or trying to do away with flip flops for myself and my I will have to look into some of your brands. ;-)

  4. I've been a huge Merrell and Keen fan. That said, I'm in the market for some new casual 'non-running' shoes and I'm looking to branch out.

  5. That's a great collection! I've got LOTS of shoes:running shoes, pumps, casual shoes, boots, etc. Working at a shoe store for two years made my Dad realize I'd inherited my Mom's love of shoes. Luckily we wear the same size so Mom has been able to "borrow" several pairs of mine.