Friday, March 1, 2013

I love my kid

There are days when we look at our children and think that they can be so selfish - then the surprise us with generosity.  When I picked my daughter up from school yesterday she promptly told me that she had signed up to donate $2 to a classmates fundraiser. I asked her what it was for and she said the Ronald McDonald House.

As I kept my emotions from taking over, I asked her why? She told me that she wanted to make sure everyone had a place to stay.  We had talked about it this past fall when we stayed 2 days at the Children's Hospital when she broke her arm.  Not all parents are close enough to stay in the hospital and go home to get a change of clothing or take a shower.

Later in the evening she came down stairs with $1.25 in change and asked me to mail it to them.  I told her that we would put it in a bag and try to gather more donations and send them all at once. She agreed that was a good idea.  This morning I set up a website for her at Crowdrise. The fundraiser will be open for 1 month and our goal is to raise $100. Evie will also be taking donations in person and we will add that in at the end.
Evie's Fundraiser -

How can you say no to this face.
I made a suggestion on Facebook to donate $5 for this very wise 5 year old, however I can't figure out how to get crowdwise to accept donations under $10. I have an email out to support and hope to resolve that problem soon.
ETA - I have spoken with Crowdwise and they have it set to $10 min donation, that is just the way their site works. If you would like to make a smaller donation please let me know and we can work something out.  Thank you!
If you could consider making a donation this month that would be awesome!


  1. What a wonderful little girl you have! My moms club volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house here in RI. We cooked for the families that had to stay there. It was a great but very emotional experience. I would be happy to donate to Evie! She is truly an inspiration.

  2. My first daughter had cystic fibrosis and we wouldn't have been able to stay every night she was hospitalized without RMH. We stayed at the RMH in Phoenix, LA and St. Louis. Tell your daughter thank you SO much; that place meant the world to us. I'll be donating and if it's okay, I would love to post some info for her on my FB page as my friends and relatives know what RMH meant to our family.