Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

It was a no alarm clock weekend and it felt great. Although, I will admit I do miss my workout filled Saturday mornings, I just didn't have the motivation this weekend. One of these days I will stop talking about going back to spin class or singing up for prenatal yoga and actually do it.

To tell the truth, I  have been holding out on going back to yoga until I actually look a little pregnant. My belly is starting to pop out a bit, but I still think I just look fat instead of pregnant. I guess I need to get over that and do something about it. 

My exercise this weekend consisted of walking around the Seattle Boat Show on Sunday for  2.5 hours. It was something my husband wanted to do and it gave me a chance to wear my Toms for longer periods of time. I know, that is totally random. We are heading to Disneyland next week and I don't want to wear running shoes the entire time, but I don't think I can rock flip flops either. I have tried some slip on Puma's that I love and pair of other slip ons, but they are just not working out. So far the Tom's are the clear winner,  I am just afraid of making them all stinky for wearing them all day. I know tough decision right?

In other random thoughts, my daughter has been singing the days of the week song she learned at school. My husband pointed out that it is sung to the theme song to the Addams Family.

We of course, had to youtube it to share it with the 5 year old and let her know that it was the family song. :)  I then tried to talk the family into naming this baby Wednesday if it is a girl, but they were not falling for that. For now on though I will refer to Baby2.0 as Wednesday, maybe if I use it enough they will agree. 

How was your weekend?


  1. disneyland? SO jealous! although we're disneyworld junkies, we have never taken our boys to cali! would love to hear about the new, Cars Land so let us know and HAVE FUN!!!

    I love boat shows, so fun!

  2. I love that you are walking more to try out your shoes! :) That's totally something I would do. I have worn flipflops around Disney... you'll regret that decision! :) Sounds like the Tom's a winner. Hope you have a great time there... I'm jealous!

    I love the Addams Family! I think Wednesday is a great name! :)