Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running Inspired

I don't talk much about the books I read, but I always seem to be reading something. When I was giving the opportunity to read a revised edition of a current book I took the chance.

Author Ryan Robert, reached out to me to read his latest version of The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide. The key to running inspired.  I was excited, not only because it gave me a break from my current book that was dragging on, but because I am already planning my come back.  Sure, I haven't left running, but I am getting slower, 5Ks are harder to finish and post baby I will have 6 weeks of no running per  doctors orders.

Even with all that I have a plan. I have a plan to run the Seattle Half Marathon. This year the race takes place December 1, 2013. That is 16 weeks after my expected due date. Plenty of time.

Back to the book, at first glance - I thought another running book. I have read a million of them. What am I going get out of this book? Besides the basics for any new runner reviewing gear for running, footwear and common problems, warm ups, target hear rates, nutrition and so on. Roberts focuses on the second part of the title of the book.

The key to running inspired.
I am not your average runner, I am not someone who wants to go out and run. I run because I know it is good or me and honestly I love the feeling when I cross the finish line. Whether I am running a 5K or a half marathon I feel great. I often wish I could just skip training runs and have natural ability to run, but I don't. Through out the book Roberts gives a variety of tips to running motivated and inspired. For example.  
Motivation Tip: When you really don't feel like running take a deep breath and say, "Okay, I'll run today, but then I'll take tomorrow off."

It might be a little bit of a lie, you might have to tell yourself the same thing the next day. But I know half the battle for me getting out the door. Additionally, there are visualization exercises to help you get out the door, this is especially good for me as when it is raining out I instantly want to hit the treadmill.
An entire chapter is dedicated to running inspired, its not the longest chapter but  everything is stated in a way that makes you shake your head in agreement. I wish I could copy and past the entire chapter for all to read. The last line in the chapter pretty much wraps it up:
And once you become inspired, only you can set the limits of what you'll accomplish.
The reminder that I need to not compare myself to others and be proud of what I can accomplish while giving it my all. Learn to be proud with my runs and inspired to improve and move forward.

I mentioned it before, but this book came at a perfect time. I plan spend the spring and summer preparing mentally for my fall training schedule. I know I won't be starting off fast, but I plan to use many of the motivation tips in this book, as well as, the visualization exercises to get me across the finish line on December 1.

I would recommend this book to new runners or anyone who is looking to rededicate themselves to running. It has great tips to get out the door and run, while covering all of the basics not to injury yourself.

Have you read any good running books lately?

*disclaimer - this book was provided to me for free for review, however the opinions expressed are mine.  


  1. I like the sounds of this book, so few books talk about that kind of stuff and it's just as important as your shoes and heart rate etc. I think it's so awesome you've got plans for after baby already!

  2. Good tips. I don't like running unless I'm running a race... it's why I don't run train, I do crossfit. Keeps my endurance up and it's something I enjoy. Maybe you could mix up your training with something you really enjoy.

  3. I am currently reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. It has motivated me to get back out there!