Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This post has nothing to do with running, except that I didn't workout last night as I had a work event to attend.

We went to a local Wine Tasting room (Apex), I know great for the pregnant lady, and painted. Sounds odd, but a local company (Corks and Canvas)  holds painting events at a variety of wine tasting rooms in our area.

I should start by saying this is the best painting I have EVER completed. I don't paint. I am not artsy at all.

Bam! There you have it! My first every painting. It is supposed to be a bridge. LOL! My daughter told me this morning that I need to add some more details. Maybe people on the bridge or having a picnic. I just laughed. I was happy enough to complete it.  I joked last night that I should hang it in front of my treadmill for something to day dream about. I have a feeling it would just make me laugh and I might risk injury.

Have you every participated in a painting event?


  1. That is really good for a first painting ever. I think if you were to add some texture and shading to the facade of the bridge - it would make the bridge look less flat. But this is a thousand times better than any of my early attempts at landscapes! Perspective is tricky.

    1. Thanks, I think if I would have been able to drink a little wine - it would have been better. LOL Or at least looked that way through wine googles.

  2. Looks great!

    I just bought a Groupon for a local canvas place that does BYOB and paint nights (again, perfect for the pregnant lady, right?). I had bought my husband a gift card there for Christmas because he's been dying to go and finally bought myself a groupon (because I'm super cheap). Now we just have to find a picture that we both want to paint (they have a calendar of upcoming classes and what's painted)

  3. I love the background, its really cool! I'm a painter, but I've never been to a painting event, it sounds neat....especially the wine with it!

  4. love it! yes, no laughing while on the treadmill that could just end badly.

  5. The painting looks great to me! I've been to a couple U Paint Nights at a studio here and I made her add a cow to one of my paintings because I thought it looked boring as just a field and the other one actually turned out really well so it's in our den.

  6. no..but it seems really fun!