Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One thing that makes me happy

Sunday, while we were driving home from the airport and complaining about the drastic weather change. We went from 70-80 degree's to 45 degrees in a few hours. Leaving the warm weather to come to the drizzly cool winter of Washington is sad.  Although today the sun is shinning even if it was 38 degrees as I drove into work.

My spirits picked up when we arrived home to our freezing cold house (54 degrees), to find a package on my doorstep.  A shoe package to be exact! Instantly opened the box from Online Shoes with excitement. I had received an email a few weeks back asking if I wanted to try a pair of shoes......ummm that is like asking a pregnant person if she wants ice cream. Since I am both,  I said yes.
Inside the boxs from Online Shoes, was a pair of Merrell shoes. Shockingly enough a brand I have never worn, but have always wanted to try.

These beautiful Women's Merrell Shoes are part of the Merrell Barefoot collection, and the sole are Vibram technology, again something I have always wanted to try out.

Seriously, how cute are these from the Merrell M-Connect Shoes line. They are the Merrell Stretch Glove and come in 3 different colors.  I just love the pink and gray combo.

Sadly, I have not had a chance to try them out yet. Of course I put them on, but I mean really take them for a spin. I am a huge fan of slip on style shoes that are comfy, that is for another post entirely. After I give these a proper testing I will be back to give you a review - but right now on cute factor along - LOVE!


  1. Wow, they just offered you some shoes? And cool ones like that? Awesome!

  2. very cool! and cute too!

  3. Sure cute! I'm looking for a pair like that so please tell us how they are!!!

  4. I love them! I've been wanting to try those same shoes for awhile now but I never seen to find my size if I can spot them somewhere and try them on.