Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Wives Tales

When you are pregnant, everyone has an opinion on what you are having. The first time we didn't really do any of the old wives tales. Instead we waited patiently for our 20 week ultrasound to be told that they didn't know. Oh wait her exact words were "if I had to guess". I walked out happy for a healthy baby, but disappointed. We ended up finding out at 32 weeks that there was a 90% chance we were having a girl.

This time around we are still patiently waiting for the ultrasound which will take place on March 25th. That seems like forever, so in the mean time we have been having fun with Old Wives Tales.

There are a million an one of them out there, but so far we have completed the following:

Carrying high or low - With my first and now this pregnancy I tend to carry low, so based on that judgement alone we would say boy.

Salty or Sweet - I had to ask my husband what he thought on this. As I have been enjoying the pickles, but I also crave chocolate milk. He said I crave more salty, pickles and popcorn my latest vices. - boy.

Heart Rate - Over 140 girl, under boy - well it has been over 140 at all checkups - girl.

Urine Test -  There are several different version of this, but last night we did the baking soda test. Basically pee in a cup and add baking soda. If it fizzes then its a boy, no reaction girl. - girl

Morning Sickness - If you have it girl, without boy. While I know this one is so off as I never had it with my first girl and had it this time we shall see. Based only on this - girl.

There are a bunch of other tests from testing your Urine with Drano, to hanging a ring over you belly and seeing which way it moves. We plan to do them for fun over the next few weeks. :) We will be finding out.

If you have children did you find out the gender in an u/s or wait for it to be a surprise?


  1. With Alli, we did not find out. With Blake, he was showing off his junk spread-eagled on the ultrasound. With Reid, we heard that it was a boy the day we heard about him for the first time. :)

  2. I found out both times, I can't take the suspense! I love all the old wives tales, thanks for sharing!

  3. I can't believe you have to wait so long - March 25th is SO far away! My office does it at 18 weeks...
    And aren't ALL young babies' heartbeats above 140 bpm?!?! I read that the research showed that heartbeat rate is correlated with fetus age (the younger, the faster)! :-)

    1. My office does not do them until 20 weeks...that was the first day that worked best for my husband and I.

      As for the heartbeat, yea who knows I guess that is why its an old wives tale

  4. I hated waiting for the ultrasound, it wouldn't have mattered to me either way, boy/girl, but I HAD TO KNOW. I had a feeling from the start that it was a boy, but everyone and all the old wives tales said girl so I started to question myself around the time of the ultrasound. Anyway, turns out instincts were right and I had a boy! Either way, it's a totally exciting time, congratulations!

  5. We found out in the ultrasound....I figure the surprise is seeing and holding the baby it doesn't have to be the sex of the baby. ;-)